Size isn’t everything!

Oh that old chestnut?

Well I have to say, getting smaller is a constant buzz. One thing I haven’t mentioned before is size. At least not too often. Specifically waist size. When you are a perpetual fatty its a real roller coaster of pants. Quite literally. You always feel you can squeeze into that pair which are too small and end up buying a pair too big for comfort. Also because of your shape ( You are basically round and your pants fasten in the middle ) they are always falling down 🙁

For me that has all changed 🙂 At my worst I would squeeze into 54inch waist trousers. A lot of cloth 🙂 When I was out at the weekend, I walked into a high street shop and picked up a 38inch pair which were on offer, expecting to be able to fasten them in the summer. When I got home, on I popped them and they fitted. Granted they were a wee bit tight ( In the words of Daniel, I have a muffin top – Kids eh ) but they were not uncomfy. So 54 -> 38, good going 🙂


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  1. Jason C ;o) says:

    WAHEYYY!!!! Cushty, Pauli !! ;o))

    If it helps… I’m still a 36″ in jeans …but getting near a 38″ in trooooozahs!!! LMAO ;-D

    Hope ya well, muckah?!!! Sounds like YOU ARE!! 😀

    L8r’s m8y 😉

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