In the words of Yazz!!! The only way is ‘Down’

Yazz? Singer from the 80’s (Before my time of course) and I think she said the only way was up but hey 🙂

I am now below 19 stone 🙂 My own personal goal is to hit the 18 stone mark so I am getting there.

Just need to work that bit harder on the old weights and cardio stuff.

A note for all you ‘ugly’ guys – I AM loosing weight 😉 don’t see you getting beautiful 🙂

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2 Responses to In the words of Yazz!!! The only way is ‘Down’

  1. Lisa Brodie says:

    You are an absolute inspiration, love your total honesty. It’s not always easy, you have good and bad days but you’re still working hard at it. Keep up the good work, you’re looking great. x x

  2. Jason C ;o) says:

    oooh, soz to hear of your recent (ish) hospital visit, Pauli… (I dont come on here as often …) Looks like you’re well, tho! 😉

    Erm… the “ugly guys” are laughing @ your spelling…

    it’s, “losing” not “loosing” 😉

    So much for dyslexia… I heard that a dyslexic pimp bought a “WAREHOUSE” recently!!! He was in partnership with those two Spanish firemen…

    hose-A and hose-B !!! LMAO

    L8r’s! Sliiiiiiiiimmmmmmmmm…..!!!! ;-D 😉

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