About Me


My name is Paul Brown. I am a 40 something year old living in Cambridge UK.


I have had a life long struggle with my weight. I often joke that I am more qualified than the dieticians I have visited over my years. After all I have tried most if not all of the ‘well known’ ones. Sadly none have worked for me.

Yes I know its a simple equation, The more you put in your mouth, the more likley you are to put on weight. But once you have been over weight for a long time, its really difficult to change. Also, loosing the weight never seems to be a problem. I once lost around 110 pounds on atkins. But 2 years later I was 111 pounds heavier.

So this is my story on making and doing the biggest thing that will change my life for ever. I hope you follow it as its not simply a case of jumping onto an operating table and coming out a thin man. There are emotions involved that I cannot even start to explain yet.

Why not follow my story.













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